How to correct the cat?

- Feb 27, 2019-

Cats are actually very soft animals, and they love to be clean. They often use their tongues to lick their bodies. But there is a place where it is not enough. Yes, it’s the top of the head. The head is closer to the brain. It’s easy to judge the other person. The degree of your own goodwill. So touching their heads can help them scratch and clean their heads. The key is that you feel comfortable when you touch it.

It is well known that cats are very clean and clean. Cats can also feel very comfortable when they touch cats, because the chin cats can't clean them themselves, so when you touch the cat's chin, the cat usually straightens his neck and closes his eyes to let you touch. . You can easily hear the cat's snoring, this trick is tried and tested, even if you are not familiar with the cat can not resist.

Generally, cats will accept your back, and it will make you feel safer when you touch the cat. But touch the back and touch it, don't touch the pp and the tail. If you touch the restricted area, look at the cat's temper. If you don't give you a few slaps, you can afford to see you. The pp and the tail are the most sensitive parts of the cat, so you should pay attention to the new cat.