How to choose dog cleaning products

- Jun 03, 2019-

1. Oral cleaning products

You can choose a toothbrush that is similar to human use, or use a cotton cloth dampened with water to clean the dog's mouth. To avoid bad breath or tooth problems such as tooth decay.

2. Friction with clean bone

Made of hard plastic, the exterior looks like a bone, and there are many bumps on the surface to clean the canine teeth. When the dog bites, the unevenness can rub against the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth and the teeth to remove tartar and food debris.

3. Hair care bath

Bath milk is recommended for dogs to use pet-specific bath milk, although the price is expensive, but most of them contain hair care ingredients, which are good for the dog's fur.

4. Anti-hair removal dry cleaning powder

A good helper for dogs in the winter, can take a quick bath in the cold winter, and can also remove the stains on the hair without washing with water, and increase the gloss of the fur, even prevent hair removal, remove the dog's odor, and make the smell fresh.

5. Protect the environment from the toilet

The toilet can easily grab the dog's feces completely. When there is no trash can around, the feces can be temporarily stored in the box, no omission, no taste, and solve the problem of the owner cleaning the dog's stool.