How to choose a comb for your pet?

- Oct 24, 2018-

Many of us now know that our family needs two combs for our treasure: a needle and a straight comb, but do you know how to choose them? If you don't choose right, you might end up doing the opposite!

First, I suggest using stainless steel comb. Because the pet itself has fungus, and the stainless steel comb itself does not carry bacteria, naturally will not spread the bacteria! Also, the comb is not prone to static electricity, which can prevent hair from flying and getting tangled again.

Second, pay attention to the softness and stiffness of the needle when choosing the comb. There are many kinds of needle combs in the market now, which can be divided into three kinds according to the hardness of the needle: hard, medium and soft. They work differently, so you can't mess around with them. A stiff needle is used primarily for opening knots and sometimes for large or hard dogs. The weakness of this comb is that it breaks the mulch easily. The softer needle comb can be used to give soft hair to dogs or cats, but also to small single-coat dogs, such as Yorkshire, Maltese, etc. This comb can sometimes filter out the knots, making the hair comb not thorough. The medium hardness needle is widely used, and it is suitable for all dogs, that is, all dogs and cats can be used. Because it's soft and stiff enough to be used for both grooming and daily care, this comb is a good choice for any dog or cat you have!