How to check for dog injuries

- Aug 26, 2019-

Husky (details)

If the dog is accidentally injured outside with other partners, because the dog's hair is too dense, it is difficult to see the dog's skin, and the dog does not speak, is it that his condition will evaporate until the wound What about exposure?

As a dog-raising dog, the dog and dad should master some tips and emergency treatment methods to check the dog's injury status. After the dog is injured, they can get better care and send it to a more reliable pet hospital.

First of all, when you are not sure where the pet dog is injured, and the injury is not serious, please do not move the dog violently. You can gently flip the dog's fur and limbs and carefully check the injured part of the dog. And the severity of the injury. If there is a wound bleeding, you can urgently clean the dog's wound and stop bleeding for it.

Secondly, if the dog is fractured, then it is not easy to move the injured part of the dog. After stopping the bleeding, you can choose to fix the injured part with the cloth strips and branches first, then find the big wooden board, transfer the dog smoothly to the board, and then quickly send the doctor to treat and not delay the time.

In addition, if the dog has a coma, then it is necessary to check whether the dog's breathing is normal at this time, if necessary, hold the dog's chest and help it to resume breathing. At the same time, when the dog is in a coma, be sure to wrap the dog with a blanket to help the dog maintain body temperature, while ensuring that the dog can breathe normally, and then rush to the pet hospital for emergency treatment to save the dog's life.