How to brush your Husky dog?

- Aug 12, 2019-

First, the method of huskies brushing teeth

When brushing the huskies, let the dog sit on the owner's knee or floor, gently lift the dog's lips with one hand, and hold the toothbrush to wipe the gums and teeth with the other hand. At first it may be that your husky does not like this feeling, but insist on it a few times, the husky dog will become happy to enjoy the process of brushing teeth and delicious toothpaste snacks.

The order of brushing is first brushed from the posterior molars. When the dog is used to brushing the teeth, brush the incisors. If you find that the dog's gums are red and swollen, there is bleeding, please ask the veterinarian to help solve.

Second, the huskies brushing cycle: the purpose of brushing teeth is to keep the teeth and gums clean, usually brush once a week.

In order to make the husky feel comfortable when brushing your teeth, try to use a soft, matching dog toothbrush and a dog-specific toothpaste. This toothpaste is different from human toothpaste and has no foam, no toxicity, and is edible.