Going out with a leash! Rabies knowledge literacy area

- Nov 19, 2019-

1. Rabies is a common disease in humans and animals.

Almost all warm-blooded animals are infected with rabies virus, not just dogs and cats. Therefore, the shovel officer can not have some kind of luck at the beginning of raising a pet. The pet should be vaccinated regularly to check the health. Using a leash often takes pets out for a walk and exercise, which enhances their resistance. On the basis of consciously training with a leash, the behavior of the pet can also be guided.

2. The traction rope is also a kind of protection for pets.

Many people are worried that some pets are born with rabies virus, which is wrong. In fact, only regular vaccinations, especially stray animals on the street, are particularly susceptible to infection. Therefore, the shovel officer uses a leash to guide the pet away from mad animals and harmful substances when going out, and also to prevent the pet from being injured and infected with the virus.

3. It is important to identify the signs of a pet's illness.

If the shovel officer often uses a leash to bring a pet out and stay with them, he should be able to discover the abnormal behavior of some pets. Taking a pet dog as an example, its spirit began to become violent, not like the sun, the saliva was severe, and the limbs gradually became paralyzed until they could not move. Under the premise of pulling it with a leash, the sick dog is still highly excited, often showing aggressiveness to people or other animals, and the body shape is significantly thinner. Under normal circumstances, 3-8 days will take away the dog's life. Many shovel officers can only hold the dog's previous traction rope and other items to repent.

4. People who are infected with infected animals do not necessarily die.

There are shovel officers who use the leash to bring the dog out of the door and encounter animals such as stray dogs. If you rush into contact, you will be easily injured. However, people's resistance is far stronger than animals. After being bitten by infected animals, there is a 40% chance of getting sick, washing with soapy water in time, injecting vaccine within 24 hours, reducing the possibility of disease, or the mortality rate. It is certain. Therefore, it is the key to take the dog with the leash and stay away from danger.

5. How long is the incubation period for rabies?

After WHO research, the incubation period of human rabies is generally 2 weeks to 3 months, 99% occur within one year, less than 1 year; cat and dog rabies incubation period is up to 6 months, but usually cat and dog rabies attacks within 2-5 days .