Four criteria for picking snacks

- May 07, 2019-

1.the sign is not clear, buy now merchants often make dog snacks into a variety of cute forms to attract parents, but often ignore the ingredients and content, for some dog snacks we can not see the raw materials recommended not to buy, compare safe.

2.choose natural fresh The principle that we buy food for ourselves is the same, especially good-looking may contain pigments, we need to understand if snack ingredients are avoided in the processing of pigments. If it is not fresh, it may be spoiled, and dogs can't eat it.

3.choose more big brands dog snacks in fact, there is no clear relevant food specifications and standards, in the choice of dog snacks, choose a larger brand, complete manufacturer information and product source introduction will be more reliable. 

4.control the total amount of snacks In fact, the daily intake of snacks should be fixed, so as not to affect the dinner, and if the dog is often given snacks, it is easy to let the dog develop habits, resulting in nutritional imbalance or even picky eaters.