Five precautions for hair combing of long-haired dogs

- Jul 15, 2019-

1. First use a smooth brush to gently open the hair on the hair, pay attention to the action should be gentle!

2. Brush the dog's body with a round-ended needle brush. Don't use too much force to avoid pulling the dog's hair "unplugged". After brushing, the dog's hair should be smooth and not tied.

3. Combing the dog's hair with a wide comb, untie the small hair knot that has not been unwrapped before, and comb it with a comb. The host can not use a short brush to comb the long-haired dog!

4. Use scissors to repair the long hair around the dog's legs and trim the hair in front of the dog's toes. It is easy to accumulate dirt here, and it will cause inflammation if not cleaned up in time.

5. Finally, trim the hair of the dog's buttocks so that it is not easy for everyone and dirt to accumulate.

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