Dogs like their owners to help them groom their hair every day

- Oct 08, 2019-

The owner can comb the dog's hair every day not only to get rid of the dust and falling hair on it, but also to help it to promote blood circulation.

I hope that the hair is shiny at all times.

If the dog is living in the wild, it can run around every day, and the blood circulation of the skin will be very good. In addition, the coat on the dog's body will change with the seasons, plus it cleans the fur itself, it will protect the skin and hair health to a certain extent. However, if a dog lives in a human society, it will be covered with dust that is not in the wild life, or the skin condition will be deteriorated due to lack of exercise and nutritional imbalance, and the hair will become dull. If you have a long-haired dog, the hair will be easy to knot and pilling. It is not only unsightly, but the dog will feel uncomfortable.

Intoxicated in the massage effect

Although there are also dogs that don't like the owner to groom their hair, as long as the dog gets used to it from the puppies, the owner will be very happy if he sorts it out. Because combing hair has the effect of massaging the skin and muscles, the dog will become calm and intoxicated as long as the owner can groom the dog well.