Dogs don't talk, but if you do these 7 moves often, prove that it has fallen in love with you!

- Oct 22, 2019-

1. Look at your mouth.

The ancestor of the dog is a wolf. The wolf is fed by the mother through the mouth in the early childhood. This is a kind of trust and dependence. Therefore, when the dog kisses the owner, it means that it really loves you.

2. Watching you go out.

Don't think that when you go out, the dog doesn't respond, it means it doesn't care about you. In fact, the reason is that they are not noisy because they have enough security and they believe that you will come back.

3. Like to lean on you, or show your belly.

Belly is the most vulnerable place for dogs. If you sit down every time, the dog will immediately lean over and spoil the belly. If you show your belly, it means that it really loves you!

4. When you look directly at it, it will blink.

Looking directly at your eyes is an emotional expression. If you look relaxed when you look at you, you will lazyly blink your eyes. That is evidence of love and trust.

5. Follow you to yawn.

Dogs will yawn in a state of relaxation, and the closer they are, the easier they are to be yawned.

6. I will see you when I eat.

Eating is a big deal for dogs, so when you are most happy and enjoyable, you will see you from time to time, it is very rare!

7. When you pull it, use your butt to face you.

For animals, it’s a big taboo to show the back, and when they are the most unprepared when they are pulling, the dog only has enough love for you and is comfortable enough for you to face you in this situation.

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