Dog trimming hair tips

- Nov 15, 2019-

1. Grab the footsteps first.

2. Back line: The back line is horizontal, and the front is cut to the position where the elbow is vertically upward and the extension line is slightly behind.

3. The buttocks are trimmed from the hip bone to the tail root 30.

4. The hindquarters are cut into a diagonal line in the direction of the leg 30, and the hocks are cut into a straight line perpendicular to the ground.

5. Chest trimming First use the comb to comb the hair and trim it horizontally with scissors. Then trim the front foot to make the whole chest feel soft and round.

6. Waist and abdomen: pay special attention to the waistline, the waistline is opened to the point where the last rib of the dog is a little backward (but it is not determined, the waistline depends on the overall bone characteristics of the dog). Cut the abdomen into a diagonal line and tilt it from the elbow to the waistline.

7. The sides and back of the body are also rounded, and the body of the dog is peanut-shaped when viewed from above.

8. Head trimming. The scissors are cut along the direction of the ear, and the top of the head is trimmed with round hair. Ear hair is generally not trimmed, but generally does not exceed the sternum position.