Dog traction training, let the dog get used to being towed

- Nov 18, 2019-

Dog traction training

Trainers bring the collar and leash to the dog, so that the dog develops the habit of walking and living with a collar and leash. After the trainer brings the collar and the leash to the dog, the trainer walks a few steps forward, then calls the dog's name, encourages the dog to walk to your side, and the trainer walks forward as the dog walks. Go to the location designated by the trainer. When the dog completes the action as required, the trainer should immediately award the reward. When you start training, you should choose a thin traction rope for your dog. When the dog gets used to it, he can use the usual traction rope. In addition, do not pull the traction rope too tightly, so as not to let the dog pull the dog to hate the safety rope, walk slowly with the dog, if the dog still refuses to go, you can take the dog's toy to attract the dog. Attention, let the dog adapt to walk with a safety rope.

How to use the traction rope

First of all, first hold the rope sleeve tightly in your right hand, pay attention to maintain a certain degree of relaxation, and hold the rope between the left waist if you are in the left hand. The state of the rope is slightly sagging from the place of the collar, and it is also necessary to keep a certain amount of slack. The owner also noticed whether there is a deviation in the position of the dog, and there is no excessive pulling of the rope.

When going out for a walk or training, it is best to keep the dog on the left side of the owner, and at the same time in the same direction (if you are not used to the left side, then you can change the right side), but don't pull it at will. The rope runs all the way.

When the dog pulls the rope and walks in one direction, it is necessary to take it in the opposite direction in time, to turn when walking, or to walk repeatedly on the same road. In fact, in one sentence, the owner is holding the dog, rather than letting the dog take the owner.