Dog Hair Dyeing Tips

- Nov 28, 2019-

Preparation tools: prepare things, brushes, gloves, color, straight, rubber bands, and combs before dyeing.

Comb hair: When combing hair, just brush the dog's hair thoroughly, without any modification of the electric shears.

Dyeing order: back, tail, ears (in case the ears are disturbed, they are everywhere)

Specific content: When dyeing, always use a straight comb to check whether the hair is dyed through. After coloring, blow with a hair dryer for ten to fifteen minutes and blow dry. After dyeing the tail, wrap it with tin foil and tie it with rubber bands at the back. Each time the next step is performed, the hair roots are lined up with a hair-splitting comb. After the ears are wrapped, the rubber bands should also be tied to the hair. First, wipe the back hair with water, and finally wipe the ears with a little more.

Note: Do not stain for skin or ear problems. If the dye accidentally falls on the hair on other parts, do not rub it. When applying rubber bands, be sure to pierce the hair. Do not pierce the skin, etc., to avoid blood circulation and necrosis.