Dog grooming includes seven steps

- Sep 29, 2019-

1. Brushing: It is a brush or needle comb for the dog to brush the hair, which can brush the dead hair and hair knot on the dog body, making the hair soft, clean and shiny.

2. Carding: After completing the brushing step, comb the hair with a comb, because there will be a small ball after brushing, so it is necessary to use a comb with a long needle and a common comb for the comb.

3. Cleaning of the ears and eyes: The ears of the dog (especially the ears of the long-eared dogs) are more susceptible to ear diseases, so the inspection and cleaning of the ears is indispensable. The tear lines and eyelids of the eyes are the main reasons for turning the face hair into brown, so in addition to daily dressing, there will be special treatment in the beauty bath.

4. Trim the toenail: If the dog's toenail is too long, it will penetrate into the toe, which will make it difficult to move, and also accidentally injure the family and scratch the furniture. This step is also very important in beauty.

5. Bathing: After completing the above four steps, you can bathe the dog and choose the appropriate pet supplies shampoo for care.

6. Drying or drying: After washing, use a absorbent towel to dry the water, then blow it dry with a bellows or a hair dryer.

7. Trimming: This is the last step, which means giving the dog a full body trim. The type of dog that each breed is trimmed into is very particular, and of course depends more on the choice of the pet owner.