Dog Deworming Tips

- Mar 01, 2019-

1.the dog's belly is often parasitic: mites, hookworms, mites, whipworms and trichomoniasis. They can cause dogs to lose weight, slow growth, diarrhea and even death. In particular, these parasites may also infect the owner of the dog, damage the liver, kidney, brain and eyes of the person, causing malnutrition, diarrhea, skin damage, mental disorders and blindness in the host, especially the child.

2.How to choose the correct anthelmintic for dogs?

A good anthelmintic must be able to deworm all the intestinal parasites of the dog. At the same time, it should have no side effects, and dogs should like it. Bayer's worship of Germany is such a widely accepted anthelmintic drug. The three unique formulas of the pets can ensure that the aphids, hookworms, mites, whipworms and trichomoniasis in the dog's belly are all wiped out, and the larvae are nowhere to hide. It is very safe to worship, and dogs especially like its beef taste.

3.Why do you want to drive the dog once every 3 months?

In general, a dog's intestinal parasite can grow from an egg to an adult for 2-3 months. If the insect is wormed once more than 3 months, the parasite larvae in the environment will have the opportunity to infect the dog, and it may also threaten the health of the owner.