Dog Collars and Harnesses use method

- Dec 13, 2018-

1. Dog Collars and Harnesses with a short strap in the middle, which should be vertical, that is, one head facing the dog's head and the other facing the dog's chest; the other two sides form two Invert the V shape and put the two front paws of the dog into it.

2. the elastic can be adjusted, pay attention to the button next to it, just like the button on the bag with the adjustment.

3. it is convenient to tie it to the outside, otherwise there are clothes collars that are relatively front-end, and it is easy to cause the dog to be uncomfortable.

4. sleep at night must be taken down, the reason is like sleeping to take off the tie a reason.

5.definitely do not tie the dog to a fixed place, the dog is easy to struggle, even if it is closed in the cage.