Dog Collar Type Introduction

- Nov 29, 2019-

1.Leather-like leather dog collar

Advantages: It can be worn on the dog's neck, and the dog should feel comfortable.

Disadvantages: Because the area in contact with the dog's neck is relatively large, for dogs with long hair and easy knots, it is easy to cause the adhesion of local hairs on the dog's neck.

2.Columnar leather dog collar

Advantages: Overcoming the disadvantages of leather collars like leashes, because dog collars have a small contact area on the dog's neck and can roll, so it is not easy to cause hair adhesion.

Disadvantage: Also because of the small contact area, when you pull the dog hard, the dog will feel uncomfortable.

3.Nylon dog collar

Advantages: The material of the nylon dog collar is relatively light, not as heavy as some of the leather, and it feels heavy when worn around the dog's neck. The colors are bright and there are many very beautiful styles. Another benefit is that it is easy to clean it.

Disadvantages: Because it is nylon, dogs are prone to static electricity when wearing it. And in order to strengthen the sturdiness, they are usually made thicker. In addition, this nylon is usually woven with thick nylon threads, which is easy to fuzz and hang.

4.Iron chain dog collar

Advantages: Very strong, very suitable for large dogs with large strength. It is not easy to cause knotting of the hair on the dog's neck, and the collar is very thin. For long-haired dogs, the collar is almost invisible, and it does not affect the dog's original appearance at all.

Disadvantages: It feels too strong, not as cute as a nylon or leather collar. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, it is easy to get rust and contaminate the dog's neck hair.

5.Fork hole belt buckle collar

Advantages: Very strong, for dogs with more strength, this belt buckle is highly recommended. No matter how hard the dog is, he can't break the collar.

Disadvantages: Whether it is leather or nylon, the punctured area will deform over time. Although it does not affect the use, it is not very beautiful.

6, plastic clip collar buckle

Advantages: beautiful and easy to use, you can buckle when you go out with your dog every day.

Disadvantages: not strong, if the dog is pulled hard, there is a danger of breaking. Not suitable for dogs of large size and size.

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