Dog attachment culture, let it be inseparable from you

- Aug 15, 2019-

1.Food temptation

As the saying goes, people eat food for the day, dogs are the same, and no matter what you give to the dog, their inner monologue will be "wow, have something to eat, so happy." When you personally feed your dog for a while, they will be familiar with your voice and smell. For such a person who is very familiar with taking care of his life every day, the dog will naturally become attached.

2. Games

Playing games with dogs is also one of the effective ways to build relationships with them. In the process of playing the game, the dog not only exercises the body, but also feels happy in the spirit. How can the dog be happy to the dog, how can the dog alienate them? It should be noted that although the dogs who have just entered the new family may not like to interact with you a bit, but as soon as they become familiar with them, they will gradually take the initiative to find you to play games with them.

3. Singing

There are many benefits to combing, such as removing dead hair, ensuring healthy growth of dog hair, finding parasites hidden in hair, promoting blood circulation in dogs, etc., but these are not the most important, most The important thing is that combing can enhance the relationship between the dog and the owner. When the dog is combing, the owner's movements should be gentle. Don't hurt the dog because of the knot. You can also talk to the dog. Even if they don't understand, your voice will give them a sense of security. Over time, dogs will become more and more inseparable from you.

4. Daily contact

When you are busy, you may be neglected to take care of the dog. If you ignore the dog for a long time, they may become depressed and begin to slowly alienate the owner, so daily contact is for the owner and the dog. It is very important. In fact, dogs don't necessarily have to play with them. Sometimes they just look at you next to you, they are already satisfied. In addition, in daily contact, the owner should not use "violence" to solve the problems caused by dogs, otherwise they will only be afraid of you and have no attachment.