Do cats have so much hair that they worry about hair loss?

- Dec 06, 2019-

First of all, healthy cats are not afraid of "hair loss".

The coat of a cat can be divided into 3 layers: the undercoat, the middle awn, and the outer needle hair. Each hair follicle can grow 6 hairs, which is 2-3 times that of a human. Wangen. The cat with 3 layers of hair cannot decide in number without worrying about the risk of "hair loss". Instead, the owner needs to take care of her pet comb to maintain smoothness and beauty. In the cat hair loss season, excluding the hair that the owner normally combs with his pet, the many hairs that fall by themselves are really a headache.

Second, supplies such as regular pet combs do not comb out healthy hair.

Although cats may lose hair from time to time, most of the falling hair is some floating hair and waste hair. Healthy hair will not fall off easily. At present, pet combs produced by pet product manufacturers similar to Kudi will take into account the pet's body curve and skin condition when designing. The blade of the pet comb will only deeply understand the underlying villi and waste hair, and will not harm the cat body. Conversely, regularly grooming cats with pets will increase the relationship between the owner and the cat, making it easier to keep pets in the hair loss season.

Furthermore, the shoveler should pay attention to cat hair loss caused by parasites.

Experienced shovel officials will know that cats will be bald where they get cat ringworm, and it will take a long time to grow their hair. If it is parasites, mites or allergies, it can also cause cats to lose hair in large quantities. Some people think that it is only necessary to use a pet comb to help the cat remove fleas and the like, but only when you carefully observe the status of the cat from time to time, you can better understand the status of the cat and prevent "hair loss".