Detailed usage of the pet dog combing tool

- Aug 21, 2019-

First, the use of the comb

1. First use a wide-toothed comb (or knife comb) to completely penetrate the wool layer for combing, in order to open the rough knot.

2. Use a fine-toothed comb to separate the fine velvet (bottom hair) and remove the dead hair. Be careful not to pull it hard to avoid hurting GG.

3. When the hair is knotted and combed, it can be gradually unraveled from the outside or by hand, and then combed.

Second, the use of just brush

1. Just brushing is usually done after combing the comb, and finally finishing the combing hair.

2. The brush tooth length of the brush should be able to pass through the batt to the skin. Too short a brush is easy to knot the hair.

3. Short-toothed brush can be used with short-haired varieties, long-haired GG should be brushed with long teeth.

4. When bristles should be from the head of the GG, follow the growth direction of the hair, brush backwards, and the reverse bristles will damage the hair.

Third, the use of brush board

The brush is on a square plate with a curved metal shame and a handle. The purpose of the brush is to remove dead hair.

Fourth, the use of brush gloves

Brushed gloves for short-haired dogs can be used to comb outer hair and remove dead hair. Brushing gloves are not ideal for combing long-haired dogs.

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