Correcting bad behavior in cats

- Mar 14, 2019-

1. Stop the invasion

Cats usually do not invade humans. If the cat suddenly catches and bites you, it may be that it is uncomfortable, painful, or that your movements are too rude and hurt it. Old cats at home and cats who don't give enough toys or care will be restless and uncomfortable. A cat suddenly has an invasive behavior, howling, and pulling the ear backwards may be caused by discomfort. It may bite you while playing with a cat, but it will not cause damage. Be careful if the cat is lying on the ground, because this posture will make the cat feel vulnerable, so there may be invasion.

2. Stop the walk

Generally speaking, the cats that are walking are uncast cats or cats that are not cared for. Cats can live without being taken care of, and may return to a semi-wild state. To break the cat's habit of walking: regularly call the cat to eat the dish, and keep the cat indoors in a short time. Feed the cat regularly, in case it leaves home and walk around. If you ignore the cat's appetite, you may leave the house to find a new source of food, perhaps a neighbor who sympathizes with it.

3. The spirit of battle

Uncast cats generally have a strong sense of territory. They will fight for the maintenance of the territory and will fight for the female cat. Castrated tomcats and female cats sometimes fight, but rarely. Castration will calm the male cat. In the real battle, the tail rises and the bow is shaped, and there will be a real bite that will cause damage to the cat. Play-fighting fights on kittens are generally not harmful. The cat does not bark when playing.

4. The guy who eats indoor plants

Cats may become enemies of indoor plants. It may chew the leaves and flowers, plan to open the soil, and use the flower pot as a toilet. There are two ways to do this: prepare a pot of grass for the cat, or spray the diluted lemon juice on the indoor plants, because the cat hates lemon juice. In order to prevent the cat from planting the plant, a layer of shallow net can be covered on the soil.

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