Common tools when combing hair

- Dec 10, 2019-

1. Practical high needle comb

This needle comb is suitable for cats and medium-long-haired dogs, such as VIPs, Hiromi, and other hairy and often fluffy dogs; some Maltzis, Shih Tzu or Yorkshire who do not intend to have long hair can also be used. It is a quite versatile comb. When combing, it is better to step by step and layer by layer. If there are small knots or waste hair, it can be combed away. You don't have to use too much force to easily achieve the desired effect, and your pet will have less pain.

2. Combing hair with handle

This is suitable for long-haired dogs that want to keep their hair long and maintain gloss, such as Maltzis, Shih Tzu or Yorkshire. Moreover, the handle comb is characterized in that it is less susceptible to damage to the surface of the skin. Use it layer by layer along the direction of hair growth. If you feel that the part is not smooth during combing, or the hair has a small knot, you can press the middle or root of the hair, comb the hair end first, and then comb it to the root.

3. Suitability for multi-row comb

Most dogs are suitable for this tool, but if the hair is not combed or knotted for too long, it is recommended to use a needle comb or handle comb and then comb with a row comb. It is easier to organize and it will also make pets feel Comfortable.