Common sense of cat hair care

- Sep 24, 2019-

1. Comb: the tooth is used to comb the whole body; the tooth is used to catch the flea; and the small comb for combing the face is prepared. If the steel comb hole can be used semi-permanently, it can also be sterilized at a high temperature.

2. Nail scissors: The nail scissors used by humans are slender and not suitable for cats, so they must be used exclusively for cats.

3. Brush: Use a hair brush that is not easy to get static electricity. The soft brush is suitable for long hair varieties and harder for short hair varieties. Scissors for shearing the ball, use blunt scissors to avoid injury to the skin. It can also be replaced by a makeup scissors or a nose hair clipper.

Common sense of cat hair care, pay attention, clean hair, is a must-have thing for cats and owners. Cats are fond of cleansing, so they often use their tongues and catchers to remove dirt and comb their hair. However, there are also places that cannot be touched, especially the long-haired varieties. It is difficult for the cat to keep the hair clean, so the help of the owner is essential.