Choice of dog training equipment

- Jun 06, 2019-

If you want your baby dog to be well trained, you must first choose the training equipment before the training begins.

(1) Equipment. Including traction belt, collar, stab neck, training rope, mouth cage.

(2) Take training equipment. Including wooden balls, balls, cloth balls, mouthpieces, and sticks.

(3) Biting training equipment. Including body suits, sleeves, protective caps, and sound guns.

(4) Identify training equipment. Including tweezers, identification items, handkerchiefs, gloves, gauze, insoles, identification cups, identification cans, identification clips.

(5) Current tool. Including electric batons, electric collars, electric sleeves.

(6) Obstacle equipment. Including high jump, branch frame, low wall, fence, ring, flyover, bridge, platform, high bridge, Sanjitai, carriage.

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