Causes Of Skin Disease

- Feb 21, 2019-

In fact, there are many reasons for skin diseases. There are two types, one is skin disease caused by the external environment, and the other is skin disease caused by internal causes. The external cause is composed of many factors, for example. The environment in which dogs live is too humid. Living in a dirty and messy environment, dogs have a much higher probability of getting skin diseases. Living in an unclean environment, dogs are getting a lot of bacteria and viruses around them. Surrounded, even if you don't suffer from skin diseases, the probability of getting other diseases is very large. Therefore, as the owner, we should do our best to provide the dog with a comfortable and clean living environment to help the dog avoid the outside. These can control the factors that lead to skin diseases.

In addition to causing skin diseases, in addition to being caused by the external environment, there is another important reason for skin diseases caused by internal causes. Generally speaking, if a dog lacks a certain vitamin or mineral, it will also cause skin diseases in dogs. Therefore, for dogs, the quality of dog food is very important, if there is no dog food. With full nutrition, we can't control the daily nutritional protection of dogs, so the probability of skin disease in dogs is greatly improved. In addition, there are other factors, such as when we bathe the dog, do not blow dry or rinse the shower gel, it will also increase the probability of the dog getting skin disease. Therefore, when we give the dog a bath, we have to dry the dog. If the dog's hair is long, we can also blow the dog with a hair dryer. Here we should pay attention to, we are giving During the drying process of the dog, it must be dried from the roots of the dog's hair. Especially for some long-haired dogs, if we do not pay attention, it may cause the dog's hair to be particularly confused, so that it cannot be blown. Dry, causing hair to knot.