Cats Like Your Top Five Performances

- Feb 19, 2019-

1. When the cat lie down and show you the belly

The belly is the most vulnerable part of the cat. So when the cat shows you the belly, it means that it trusts you very much.

2. Use your body or head to slap you

When the cat arrives in a new environment, you will find that the cat will go around and it is the cat who left his smell everywhere. When the cat is jealous of you, it shows that it likes you very much.

3. Take the initiative to stay with you

No matter what you do, the cat follows you and keeps you in sight. After all, companionship is the longest confession.

4. Bring "food" to you

When the cat brings you "food", this is actually the performance of the cat who loves you very much. But maybe you will be scared by this gift, because it is probably a small animal such as a mouse sparrow.

5. Make a loud noise to you

When the cat feels very happy, it will make a loud voice. So, when the cat makes this sound to you, it means that it feels very comfortable around you and is one of your favorite performances.

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