Cat's daily care

- May 28, 2019-

cut nails 

1. First put the cat on your lap and hug from behind. Gently squeeze the toenails and the back of the foot, the toenails will stick out.

2. Use a sharp toenail scissors to cut the toenail above the blood line. Do not cut the sensitive meat under the blood line or the claws.

3. Trim the toenail. Don't forget to cut the "thumb". The thumb is on the inside of the front leg. Some cats have 6 or 7 toes on each of the two feet.

4. You can't just cut off the cat's beard, because the beard is the cat's radar. If you cut off the beard cat, you will have no sense of direction and lose your ability to live.

5. The action of cutting the toenail is fast. If the cat is irritated during the trimming process, it is necessary to wait until the cat is quiet and continue to cut it.

Clean ears

1. Check your ears to see if there are signs of inflammation and if there are any abnormal symptoms. If the ear has odor or pus and inflammation, it is necessary to go to the hospital to check it and find out the disease in time for treatment.

2. Prepare ear wash and cotton swab. It is important to remember that you can't wash your ears with tap water, which can cause problems with your ears. Squeeze the ear wash into the ear canal and wet the auricle, gently rub the cat's ear root so that the ear fluid and dirt are in full contact. Then let the cat rub the ears, pick up the dirt in the ear canal, and then wipe it with a cotton swab to make the ear canal dry and clean. Cats who often return to ear disease can take care of some ear medicines.

Clean eyes

1. A healthy cat does not need to care very much about the cat's eyes. The cat will clean itself. If any secretions are found, use a cotton swab to moisten the eye drops and wipe them clean. Can not be the same cotton swab, both eyes are common. Also don't rub the cat's eyeballs and wait carefully.

2. For long-haired cats, the hair around the eyes is dirty and should be wiped clean with eye drops.

Cleaning the mouth

1. Cats must be trained to brush their teeth when they are young. Generally, they can be wrapped around gauze with a gauze, or a cotton swab, which occupies a light salt water, wipes the teeth and gums, and allows the cat to adapt to brushing. But be aware that if the cat is very fierce, don't try to get it, it will hurt you.

2. After the cat adapts to brushing, it is necessary to have a special toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your teeth regularly. Brushing time should not be too long and the intensity should be light.

3. Regularly feed some hard and dry food, drink water after a meal, can play a role in preventing tartar and gums.

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