Cat daily health care method

- Jun 10, 2019-

1. Cat ear care

First grab the cat and check for any dirt in the cat's ear. If there is, you can use a cotton swab to pick up the olive oil to clean the cat's ear and remove the dirt.

If the cat is always scratching his ears, indicating that he may have ear problems, such as deafness, we can see if there are black waxy marks in the cat's ears. That is deafness. You can use a cotton swab to clean the visible marks. Then use the drops or spray medicine to treat the deafness, then massage the cat's ear roots, and finally wipe it with a cotton swab.

2. Face care

Basically, all cats wash their faces themselves, but for long-haired cats or older cats, it may be a little powerless. Long-haired cats are prone to blockage of the lacrimal gland. At this time, tears will flow to the cheeks, leaving unsightly tears. We can use a cotton ball to gently wipe with warm water.

3. Eye care

Healthy cat eyes should be bright and clean. If the cat gets angry or the eyes are inflamed, there will be a lot of eyelids or secretions in the corners of the eyes. We can soak the cotton ball with warm water and gently wipe it to remove dirt. Generally, the eyes are slightly inflamed. We can use the eye drops for cats and cats. If the situation is serious, please seek medical advice.

4. Oral care

Check if the cat's mouth is healthy, whether the gums are red and swollen, whether the teeth have tartar, and the patient shovel can brush the cats every week, but the operation is very difficult, and the average cat is not willing to be brushed. To remove tartar, you can go to a professional pet hospital to ask someone to clean up. You can adjust to improve your diet and go to the fire. The oral problem is serious, please seek medical advice promptly.

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