Carding method for different breeds of dog hair

- Aug 29, 2019-

In general, the basic principles and methods for brushing dogs are the same, but dogs of different breeds are slightly different when combing specifically. Because different breeds of dogs are very different in hair quality, there are mainly the following categories: long hair, short, curly, bristles (hard hair) double coat, silk coat. To brush the coat for the dog, first determine what kind of hair is the dog's coat, and then according to the characteristics of the coat, choose different instruments to apply the brush to the coat. Dogs vary in hair texture and length depending on the breed. For dogs with different hairs, you can't use the same combing method! For long-haired dogs, the thick hair of the body can protect the body well. But it also requires the owner to sort it out often, otherwise it will be a matter of minutes.

To comb a long-haired dog, you can't just comb the long hair on the outermost surface. The owner should comb the fine fluff of the inner layer. And you can't just use a brush to comb, elastic wire brush, metal comb must be used!

1 First comb the dead, dirt and dust attached to the surface of the chest with a bristled comb;

2 In the "bib" part of the chest, use a needle comb to completely clear the layer by layer;

3 comb the hair from the top to the bottom with the bristles, and comb the body from the dust and dirt attached to the surface of the hair from the back to the front;

4 Then, starting from the left hind limb, the coat is gradually layered and gradually combed with a needle. Note that the hair on the inner side of the thigh is the focus of combing. It is always easy to get dirty after the dog's urine and urine. Next, carefully cut the tail coat with a thin row of combs, and finally use a thin row of combs to clear the ear and ankle hair.

Compared with long-haired dogs, short-haired dogs have fewer hair combing, but they are no less hairy than long-haired dogs, and some are more powerful than long-haired dogs. Therefore, regular grooming is very necessary.

1. Use a brush to comb the dog's body and tail from top to bottom, comb the tangled knots on the dog, and straighten the hair.

2. Use a comb to comb the fluff on the dog's legs and tail. If there are messy hairs in these parts, use scissors to repair them neatly.

3. Use a brush to brush off the dead hair and dust on the dog's coat. When brushing, brush the whole body and not let go of the legs and tail.