Bichon dog grooming method

- Aug 13, 2019-

First, combing: in daily circumstances, the comb should be carried out once a day.

The bear's hair is very unique, with a relatively stiff spiral curl in its soft hair. Therefore, it will look very fluffy from the outside and it will feel soft. But hair like this is easy to knot, especially after using the shoulder strap, in the position of the underarm, neck, back and hind legs. If you don't pay attention to grooming, the knotting situation will become more and more serious. Therefore, it is necessary to comb the hair at least once a day, which not only saves a lot of time, but also avoids the pain of opening the dog.

Second, the preparation tools: the daily combing tools for the hair comb. Using a ruler comb makes it easy to find the knot and it can be completely solved. This is the tool of choice. There are many styles of the comb, and it is generally better to use a longer one.

Ruler comb, must-have for dogs. Usually we all use row combs, which cost a few dollars in the ordinary row of combs on the market. When choosing a comb, you must buy a comb that is long. Although this price is slightly more expensive, it is more combable when used. There is also a good row of combs, the comb teeth are particularly smooth, you don't have a lot of hair combing when you comb the dog. Therefore it is recommended to buy a good row of combs.

Needle comb, which is used to quickly organize the hair, but it can not open the knot, usually not used in peacetime. Like before coming to the guests, use before taking pictures. Needle combs are often used to dry the hair after bathing the dog. When you bring a dog to the outdoors, occasionally some dirty things on the hair, or a piece made of water, this time with a needle comb will come in handy. Pet King reminds you to pay attention when choosing a needle comb. It is better to choose a needle comb made of hard plastic as a whole. The needle teeth are long and dense, and they are not easily deformed, making it easier to scratch the dog.

Third, the combing method: first combing in the direction of the dog's hair, and then combing backwards. Remind you that when you perform reverse combing, you should start from the tip of the hair, then slowly transition to the root, and press the skin-skin in the combed position. When you encounter the knot position, hold the root and slowly open it. Be careful not to use scissors, and do not use excessive movements. Try to reduce the discomfort of the comb to the dog. The action is - definitely light. Dogs should not be disgusted with combing hair, and rewarded after combing the hair.