Basic method of training dogs

- Jun 11, 2019-

1. Mechanical stimulation

This is a training method in which trainers use mechanical stimuli and passwords (which can be threatened to tone) to force the dog to make various actions smoothly.

2. Food Stimulation

It refers to the method of stimulating the dog to make an action with food. In addition to making the dog willing to actively perform the action, the method can also be used to consolidate the conditioned reflex. However, it should be noted that rewarding food cannot be unrestrained, otherwise it will affect the training effect.

3. Training methods combining mechanical stimulation and reward

This method is the most commonly used one for training dogs. It is an effective combination of the mechanical and food stimulation methods described above.

4. Imitation training method

The method uses trained dogs to serve as model demonstration dogs to train other dogs. This is more common in the training of some military police dogs. Training dogs should follow the principle of gradual progress, simple and complex, dog-specific and separate treatment.

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