Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Pet Leash

- Jul 08, 2019-

The advantage of the collar traction rope is that it is highly controllable and easy to pick up. The dog basically does not have any feeling of discomfort. The price is cheaper and the weight is lower. Simple and safe, you can control the dog at any time.

Disadvantages of collar traction rope: that is, long-term wear is easy to damage the hair of the neck of the long-haired dog, so you should choose a good quality collar, such as leather, or wrap a soft cotton cloth, so that the breathability is good, damage to the hair It will also be much lower. If you wear it for a long time, do not use plastic or other poorly breathable, which will not only damage the hair or even the skin.

Advantages of the p-chain leash: Obviously, this is the dog leash that is the easiest to control. If your dog is not performing well when using a chest strap, you can consider putting it on this rope. And cheap, it is more than a dozen dollars.

Disadvantages of the p-chain traction rope: When the dog is too excited to be completely out of your control, it may hurt itself and make it suffocate. The thickness of the rope is important. For small and medium-sized dogs, even if you want to tie the rope to a position that makes it comfortable, the rope may fall frequently and return to its throat.