Adjustable dog collars

- Apr 08, 2019-

It is a combination of soft webbing and ABS hardware. It is a security device for pets. It is designed to protect, guide or personalize pets. The biggest advantage of this product is that the telescopic traction rope is integrated with the nylon collar, and the whole process is carried by pets, which is convenient for people and pets to travel.

1. The collar is equipped with a quick release buckle, which is more convenient to wear or fall off, and does not affect the use effect even at low temperatures.

2, retain the traditional D ring, convenient for users to match a variety of different traction ropes, so that the traditional traction rope already purchased will not be idle.

3. The rope exit minimizes wear due to the expansion and contraction of the rope, ensuring a long enough working time.

4, metal band loops can always guarantee double-layer nylon webbing can better fit together, increase the comfort of the pet neck, but also facilitate the size adjustment.