A dog's coat is brushed

- Oct 24, 2018-

Comb, brush is the work that must do for dog every day, often comb, not only can remove old wool bilge, promote the blood circulation of the skin, still make fur is ventilated have burnish. And the dog of the turn of spring and summer should change wool, want to insist to give dog every day comb, if dog wool is longer choose hard comb, short hair dog USES soft comb.

Combing order can start where easy to comb back down first comb brush, and then on both sides of the legs, abdomen, neck, head, ear, part of a part of slowly comb, comb out, against to it again, the hair knot, comb with thick flat grasp of hair roots and the lest injury skin, bit by bit to comb, and comb with fine flat light down, touching the hair too much, too close, thick like a piece of carpet, can use first comb easily gush go up again to comb, comb or does not open, cut off the him, lest too hard hurt the skin.