6 Major Effects Of Dog Toys

- Feb 28, 2019-

1.Dog separation anxiety problem

Dog toys can eliminate the problem of separation anxiety. Nowadays, urban pet owners are always busy with work, and there is not much leisure time to accompany dogs. When the owner leaves home, the dog will have an emotional anxiety. Unscrupulous destruction of everything in the home, these are the embodiment of separation anxiety. Dog toy star is alone in the toy, the tumbler leaking design is more interesting, induces the dog's desire to eat, attracts the dog for a long time, let the dog let the time of eliminating loneliness and anxiety, and consumes the energy of the dog.

2.Dog nature is suppressed

Dog toys can release the nature of dogs. Dogs have the nature of chasing, sniffing, biting, hunting, etc., but the current family environment of dogs, some behaviors are not released, always suppressed. The dog toy is a toy in the solitude of the toy, just like a prey with life, to satisfy the pleasure of the dog chasing prey.

3.The dog and the owner's feelings faded

Dog toys can deepen the feelings of the owner and the dog. Dog toys are unique toys that are not just dogs that can be played by themselves. Dog toys are unique toys that also have the function of interactive toys. For example, dog toy star toy toy labyrinth ball, dog and owner can play interactively at home, let the dog Dogs and owners numb to enjoy parent-child activities and enhance each other's feelings.

4.The dog brain can not get training problems

Dog toys can train the dog's brain. The unique toy of the dog toy star is a dog's desire to explore, add food and snacks to the dog toy channel, and the dog trains through the process of wanting to study snacks. , develop the brain. Inspiring the dog to explore the nature, will make the dog fall in love with this mental training, but also let the dog focus on the game, help to enhance the dog's brain training.

5.The dog's attention is not concentrated

Dog toys can exercise the attention of dogs. Dogs are inherently animals that are easily attracted by new things, especially food. Therefore, dogs are generally trained to take food rewards. The dog toy is designed to miss food in the toy alone, which induces the dog to explore the nature of the food in the dog toy, focusing on the game that wants to get food, attracting the dog's attention for a long time.

6.Dog diet irregularities

Dog toys can cultivate dog eating habits. Unlike traditional dog toys, Stars is unique in the toy tumbler's leaking design. The built-in snack channel can control the dog's eating speed. When the dog is alone at home, through his own efforts, he gets a snack reward, attracts the dog's research attention, and cultivates the dog's eating habits.