5 points of the Bichon training Do you know?

- Aug 23, 2019-

First, the host must be patient when training, otherwise it is easy to be disgusted with the bear puppy.

Bichon dogs are not as smart as the golden hairs. Many training techniques must be based on repeated memories. Therefore, dog owners should also have patience when training Bichon puppies. Don’t be too hasty, too high. In particular, an angry snoring is more important than a bear dog.

Second, pay attention to the safety belt when training the bear dog

When going out or training a Bichon in public, be sure to remember to bring a collar or a dog leash to the dog. This is to avoid being shocked and biting when the bear is training; the other is to avoid being hurt by other vehicles than the bear.

Bichon dogs should not be too tight or too loose, too tight will affect the breathing, too loose and easy to fall off, with a certain degree of freedom is appropriate.

Third, the Bichon should keep a certain amount of time to exercise every day.

The training of the Bichon dog should be long-term, don't be enthusiastic for two days, rest for half a month. For example, the distance between the small and the bears is 3-4 kilometers per day, and some adult bears can run 4-16 kilometers per day.

There are two points to note. Before training, the dog owner should let them freely move for a few minutes to defecate before training. At the same time, the bear should maintain the correct walking posture during the exercise, maintain an appropriate distance with the owner, correct the walking habits before or after, or left or right.

Fourth, don't just fix a route when training than bears.

When training than the bear's daily training, don't just follow the same fixed route. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the bear from using the nose to smell the excrement or other objects left by other bears, and not to let the bears touch.

Fifth, a good Bichon daily training program

Some activities are good for Bichon dogs, such as swimming exercises in the summer, which can make the body more symmetrical. Or it is good to let the dog move fast and fly over the obstacles in the open area. It can make the structure of the dog's shoulders develop well and promote the development of the chest, especially the chest.